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Monophonic desktop analog synthesizer module
Mopho Keyboard Synthesizer
Monophonic analog synthesizer
Mopho SE
Special Edition Monophonic analog synthesizer
Mopho x4 Keyboard Synthesizer
Four-voice polyphonic analog keyboard synthesizer
Polyphonic desktop analog synthesizer module
Pro 2 Keyboard Synthesizer
Monophonic/Paraphonic hybrid synthesizer keyboard
Prophet '08 PE Keyboard Synthesizer
Eight-voice analog synthesizer keyboard
Prophet '08 PE Synthesizer Module
Eight-voice analog synthesizer module
Prophet 12 Keyboard Synthesizer
Twelve-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer keyboard
Prophet 12 Module Synthesizer
Twelve-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer Module
Monophonic desktop analog/digital synthesizer module
Analog drum machine


DSM01 Curtis Filter
Eurorack filter module with VCA

Discontinued Products

Poly Evolver Keyboard
Four-voice analog/digital synthesizer
Poly Evolver Module
Four-voice rackmount analog/digital synthesizer
Mono Evolver PE Keyboard
Monophonic analog/digital synthesizer
Prophet '08 Special Edition
Signed, limited edition of 300